How Can You Select the Best Tires?

Easy. Let Us Help You

Buying a new set of tires is intimidating for many drivers. People worry over which tires are appropriate for their vehicles and how they can get the best value for their budgets. You don't have to worry when you bring your automobile to G&C Tire & Auto Service in Chantilly, Virginia. We've been helping our neighbors with tires and car care since 1996. Our team can assist you with tire selection, and, of course, we provide expert installation and relevant services such as rotation and balancing throughout the life of your tires.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the best set of tires for your automobile is dependent upon multiple factors. We'll help you navigate them when you're ready. Until then, we'll help you build some general information here. First, you want to ensure you're buying the correct size and kind of tires for your vehicle. A "bargain" set of tires is not a deal if they don't fit or otherwise work. You'll need to consider whether you need passenger or heavy-duty tires, the size (diameter and width), the load rating, etc. Also, you may need to consider your budget related to tires. Be sure to check our Specials tab to see if we have a coupon that you can use toward your tires or tire services. Another consideration is the climate in which you typically drive. Often, all-season tires will serve drivers well. However, if you frequently drive in harsh conditions such as winter weather or off-road, you may need to select a specialty tire. Finally, make the expected life of the tire a part of your thought process. A few more dollars up front may save you a lot over the long haul if your tires last longer.

Your Personal Tire Shop

As you prepare for and make your next new tire purchase, make G&C Tire & Auto Service your partner. Our staff is helpful with sorting through the details to find the set that's right for you, and our experienced ASE-certified technicians ensure the correct installation. We can also assist with other related services you might need, such as a wheel alignment to ensure that your vehicle is ready for new tires.

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