Older Vehicle, Fewer Oil Changes?

Not If You Want to Keep Driving!

If your vehicle is getting older, perhaps you're wondering if you can get by with fewer oil changes. After all, you may not be as concerned with as many of the preventive maintenance details as you were when it rolled off the new car lot. The reality is that your not-so-new automobile needs more frequent preventive maintenance services than it once did. Suppose you want to continue driving your transportation as long as possible. In that case, you must continue being mindful of lubricant levels and keep up an appropriate schedule of oil changes. Whether you drive the newest model or an older car that needs a little TLC, the ASE-certified technicians at G&C Tire & Auto Service in Chantilly, Virginia, are here to keep your vehicle well maintained.

Oil Changes, Frequency, and Your Aging Auto

As you probably already know, your auto's manufacturer recommends an oil change and other preventive maintenance services schedule. That generally applies to vehicles driven for normal use and with reasonable mileage ranges. Motor oil is critical for keeping the engine's moving parts lubricated, removing heat produced by friction, and suspending damaging dirt. Interestingly, as your auto ages, it needs to change a bit. The engine's parts no longer fit as tightly together as they once did. Therefore, there's more opportunity for precious lubricant to escape. This not only reduces the oil level more quickly but it can also allow corrosive dirt to cling to the engine's exterior. Also, deposits can form inside the engine. More frequent oil changes can help combat that.

Your Local Shop for Older Car Oil Change

G&C Tire & Auto Service is your local shop for oil changes, especially if you drive an older vehicle that may need extra attention. In business since 1996, our friendly staff will work with you to develop the oil change schedule along with the selection of oil type that's best for your specific car. Any repairs you make here in addition to the oil changes will be covered wherever you go because we offer a 36 month/36,000-mile nationwide warranty through our TechNet affiliation.

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