Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Four Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment.

Your vehicle's wheel alignment determines how your tires interact with the road. If your tires do not have stable, uniform contact, they are not as safe as possible. In Chantilly, VA, you need your vehicle to have confident contact with the road for those showers in the summer and those ice patches in our increasingly colder winters. Even in ideal weather, wheel alignment as part of a preventative maintenance plan is critical to ensure a comfortable, efficient, and safe ride.

To the untrained eye, four tires pointing in the same direction might be considered correct wheel alignment. Luckily, our technicians' eyes are very well-trained at G&C Tire & Auto Service, and they know where to look for signs of stress. Here is a list our technicians put together of four tell-tale signs that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment:


Poorly aligned tires will cause your vehicle to drive anything but a straight line. If you are driving in a straightaway, but your car wants to pull to one side, this is a sign your tires need to be realigned.


Conversely, if your vehicle is driving a straight line, but your steering wheel is not straight, that is another indication that your wheels are misaligned.


Poorly aligned wheels will also cause problems for the surrounding parts in your vehicle. If you hear any new noises, scraping or squealing, this could be resolved by having your wheels aligned.


If your wheels are out of line, the tire treads will be worn unevenly and very quickly. If you take a moment to look at the tread of the tire and find that some areas are smoother than others in an uneven pattern, then your wheels are very likely out of alignment.

Noticing The Signs

Your vehicle may display any combination of these signs of stress. If you've experienced any of the symptoms mentioned or have any other concerns about your vehicle's performance. Talk to one of our technicians about wheel alignment as part of your ongoing preventative maintenance plan. Call G&C Tire & Auto Service for an appointment today!

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