Why Does Your Vehicle Burn Oil?

A Necessary Prevention

If you drive, you likely already know that maintaining a sufficient level of clean motor oil is essential to your vehicle's health. Even before the scheduled time (based on mileage) for an oil change, it's important to check your engine's lubricant level. When you find it low and need to add oil, perhaps you wonder where it went and why. People may have also referred to this loss as a car burning oil. While the oil isn't on fire, a decrease in oil over time is real. The ASE-certified technicians at G&C Tire & Auto Service in Manassas, Virginia, are here to help you with your oil change needs.

Ways Your Auto Burns Oil

Engine lubricant keeps the engine's moving parts from being damaged through friction. There are two main areas where this protection occurs, and these are the same spots that account for normal oil loss. First, the valve area is lubricated as it opens and moves. The process is efficient. A thin layer is applied where needed as parts move while excess is wiped off. Tiny amounts, however, can reach the combustion chamber and exit through the exhaust system. Second, the pistons in most engines have three rings. Two are compression rings, while the third is an oil control ring. The oil control ring does exactly what its name describes. It allows a controlled amount of lubricant to reach the compression rings, preventing the cylinder walls from being damaged. Small amounts can move beyond all three rings, enter the combustion chamber, and exit through the exhaust. Therefore, it's completely normal for a certain amount of oil to be lost and burned away during combustion.

Help With Oil Changes and Related Auto Repairs

To combat the problem of burning oil and otherwise keep your oil and vehicle in good condition, you should get oil changes as the manufacturer recommends. If your automobile is burning too much oil, our team of ASE-certified technicians can help with related repairs. For all your oil change needs, count on G&C Tire & Auto Service.

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